Caring for People with Dementia

Choosing the right care home for people with dementia is an important decision. We take a positive approach to the care of people who have dementia. Our fully trained staff help our residents to live to the best of their abilities.

All our residents are treated as individuals, we take time to get know them so we can personalise the way we care for them. The care centres around each person's needs not fixed routines. Careful thought is given to make sure the environment is relaxing.

We ask about their likes and dislikes which includes what time they like to get up, the type of food they like, whether they have any particular interests and hobbies. Residents are encouraged to have personal items in their room, which creates a homely atmosphere and makes them feel more comfortable.

We take time to sit with our residents and reminisce about happy memories – this can create a sense of wellbeing.

Why not come and see for yourself. We are always happy to show you around and explain how we help people with dementia live as full a live as possible.